We at Candy are just devastated that the Great has passed. You may be surprised to know we have never actually met him. We were just fans. Fans who truly are distraught at his passing. He was so fun and benevolent on twitter and facebook, he really engaged with young singers or anyone who was interested in what he was up to. We were fascinated. He was fun, smart and was truly looking forward in his career, moving forward and embracing the changing landscape with open arms. We didn't know him, but he had so many supporters. Some of the nicest singers we know loved him. How could he possibly be anything but a bright and shining star. He was very accessible and charming. His performances were interesting, infectious and artistic. We just enjoyed him. Mr. Asawa just was one of those rare personalities that legends are made of. Thanks Brian. We will miss you very much.

Your Biggest Fan,

Opera Candy
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