Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 10.00.54 PM Violetta is alive and very well...and she is living in Brooklyn and by the way, she's a vampire. VM Gautier's Blood Diva is a must read for any lover of La Traviata. Marie Duplessis (the woman who inspired Alexandre Dumas, fils to write La Dame aux camélias)is the main character of Alphonsine (Marie Duplessis's original name) a dynamically written and intoxicating Vampire. She is working in the Art World in Brooklyn and hanging out with a group of sexy vampires who are creating a lot of work for the local police. A historical lesson on who the real woman was along with a riveting modern story of what it is like to be a Vampire in love in Brooklyn. From the very first page, I was sucked in and taken on an unexpected ride. Just a word of caution. This book is explicit. There is a LOT of sex, which strangely enough, actually helps make the character that we are so familiar with in La Traviata much more relatable and three demential. You will never look at strawberries the same way.

I am an opera lover and a HUGE Traviata fan and this book made me really understand and appreciate the opera on a much more intimate level. It is such a homage to opera, vamps and femme fatales. I am also a huge fan of Louise Brooks, Garbo and Callas. She incorporates them all expertly. It was almost as if the author wrote a book for me. This story was such a great deal of fun. I can't wait for more.

If you are going to sing, direct, conduct or go to a production of La Traviata or if you are just looking for a really good time and were pissed off that you read The DaVinci Code read this book. If you are trying to introduce someone to opera, this is an incredible book. (Not for children.) The mix of historical fiction, vampires, opera and murder mystery is addictive. I really want more from this author. I need a whole series of Vampire Opera. You have to read it. You just have to read it. I would recommend this book to everyone, but if you are singing Violetta...YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK. If you are directing, conducting or participating in a production of La Traviata...YOU MUST READ BLOOD DIVA. You can purchase Blood Diva Here.
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