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It has happened. You weren't really planning on it happening. Nobody really plans on dating a Baritone. But somehow you were sucked in. There was a cast party, you were on tour...blah, blah, blah. Anyhow you are in. Here's how to maintain the Mogwai.

10. Keep lots of product on hand. And a blowdryer, a very good one. Plan your time around the coiffeur.

9. Learn to love listening to old recordings.

8. Learn to love listening to new recordings.

7. Learn to love hearing about how they listened to a great recording.

6. Never talk about how tall the soprano is.

5. Learn some good jokes. They love good jokes.

4. Their voice is HUGE.

3. Never call it sleeping in. They are getting much needed rest.

2. Never ask if they are really a bass or a tenor.

1. If they sing for you privately, their voice is ENORMOUS.
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