We were hoping to have Madame Vera Galupe-Borszkh would come out of retirement and give us her rendition of Florence Foster Jenkins but we received the next best thing a message from the recluse herself!

Madame Vera is deeply "flattened" to be "axed", but she is wery much a retired diva. She doesn't even sink in the shower - in fact she doesn't even shower (old-school diva).

We are honored and humbled to have been contacted by the great Madame Vera Galupe-Borszkh. If you are new to the diva, enjoy one of our most favorite of her renditions here.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 12.35.13 PM

Now if we could just get Madama Vera Galupe-Borszkh to interview the late Florence Foster Jenkins...