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Last year Rene Fleming threw down at the Super Bowl singing the Star Spangled Banner. We think she proved that opera stars should really take over this job. Here is our list of nominees for the 2015 Super Bowl!

4. Joyce DiDonato She really delivered on the National Anthem at the World Series.

3.Jonas Kaufmann He's so pretty and such a guy. Be great to see a sexy man sing some crazy hot Star Spangled Banner.

2.Placido Domingo-Everyone loves Placido. Would inspire world cup style.

1.Deborah Voight-She's a great American Soprano who could really fill the stadium with her voice.

2 thoughts on “Opera Candy Nominees for the Super Bowl

  • January 3, 2015 at 4:26 pm

    Renee was terrific last year, and showed that this should be the permanent turf of opera singers. It provides great singing, helps spread the “gospel” of opera and, as added benefit, has the result of blowing the “popsters” who can’t remember the words and act like idiots out of the stadium. Only those at the top of their game should be on the list. Thus, no Domingo — as great an “opera guy” as he is, he’s too old and vocally diminished. The others on the list would be fine. I would have no problem with Renee again. If we’re going to push non-American singers, why not Anna Netrebko?

    • January 10, 2015 at 4:42 pm

      Was on the Fence about Netrebko. Think she is exciting and flawless as it comes, just felt her performance at the olympics was a bit icy. Not exactly warm and fuzzy for the Superbowl. More of a personality thing. Nothing to do with her singing or her incredible ability as a performer. Also, just think the Russian thing wouldn’t go over well with the Superbowl flag waving audience. Completely racist decision on our part.


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