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We at Opera Candy would like to hear from you. We know you have questions. The opera world is full of traditions and customs that your child may or may not have shared with you or that you just find strange. You have been through this journey with them since the beginning. If you haven't yet, we suggest watching HBO's mini series Mildred Pierce, or read the book. There is a great depiction a parent and child managing an opera career, although with tragic results. It is a good reference point to start discussions on your role and the new world they are embarking on. You have questions, of course. Should I bring flowers to the performance? Do they want me to come backstage? Why does everyone keep clapping so much? We are here for you. You've supported them, now let us support you! Please send your questions and concerns to

One thought on “Support Group for Parents of Opera Singers

  • October 2, 2014 at 3:20 am

    Funny…I just wanted to slap the Mildred Pierce daughter. Ridiculous child-diva (of course, I had to research-google whose voice was used). MY daughter will take her TJ-Maxx Piano and LIKE IT.


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