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Calling All Composers. We invite you to take on the Opera Candy Commission of "Thanksgiving: The Opera".

Act I

Scene I
Chorus of Drivers stuck in traffic.
Aria-I Hate Laguardia.
Duet-The Flight is Delayed.
Quartet-Boarding and the Battle of the Carry-ons.
Tenor Aria-Thank you for letting me use the arm rest.
Duet-I'm going to Des Moines too.
Chorus-Where is the Beverage Cart!
Finale-Deplaning in Des Moines.

Act II

Chorus of Greeting The Family
Aria-I haven't seen you in so long.
< Duet-Is that the cousin that just got out of jail?
Quartet-I Love Your Sweater, Where did you get it?
Baritone Aria-I'm sorry, I have to get this call.
Duet-NO! I can't believe she dropped out and got pregnant.
Chorus-I think we need to make another run to the liqueur store.
Finale-I'll go to the store and I'm going to take Karla. We will return with wine and whipping cream.


The Dinner
Chorus-Where Do You Want Me to Sit
Aria-I can't believe they put me at the kids table.
Duet-Don't Say Anything, Please...Let it go.
Trio-I'll Cut the Turkey.
Soprano Aria-I'm Thankful.
Quartet-No Thank You, We Forgot to tell you we became vegetarians.
Bass Aria-Obama is destroying this country.
Chorus-The Fox News Chorale.
Soprano Aria-Remember there is Pie.
Finale-Let's watch the Lions Lose.
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