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I've been starting to think, high notes are like bra sizes. You want them to be impressive, but not overwhelming. They should compliment the body or the aria, but not be too top heavy. It's like a woman wearing a tight outfit that does not compliment their shape or compliments it too much. When you look at her it's all you can see. Same thing with a man in a Speedo. All you can think about "is he stuffing something in there?" Sexism aside, showing off your "package" is your god given right, but sometimes we don't need to see all of it. It may be a little undersized or just kind of brash. Worse yet it's huge. Like really huge, and your aria was so nice and enjoyable and then this big, brash, loud and repeatedly ear piercing high E flat interrupted my experience. Yes, you can Glitter and be whatever you like. Just maybe not in a recital hall. Keep it in on the big stage so I can appreciate it in the context of the big, fun, colorful show. Kind of like a bikini. Can I wear one? Yes...but without photoshop and some great lighting and makeup, maybe I shouldn't...because it's all the audience can think about.
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One thought on “Why High Notes are Like Big Boobs.

  • January 28, 2015 at 4:55 am

    High notes are not the probem, but rather how well they are produced. If the are freely produced and bloom naturally in a well-crafted phrase, they are glorious and soul-stirring. But if these notes are forced or screamed out, they can be painful to hear and are probably not healthful for the poor singer.


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